Entrepreneurship Camp 

Regula Fraefel

When you hear about Silicon Valley do you wish you had the next big idea? Are you gritty, passionate, and determined enough to lead a team of young entrepreneurs to solve problems and pitch a world class idea?

At the Camp BizSmart you learn how Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs inovate, taking ideas and converting them into consumer products or services others want. Each student will choose a position in his/her team (CEO, CFO, CMO …) and collaborate to redesign and improve a given product during 3 days. At the end of the weekend, teams will present theier proposed solution, together with a simple sales & marketing plan and a financial plan. Teams will compete and the winning team will earn a prize.

Students will get inspiration from various products such as the GoPro camera, Tesla‘s electric car, the SpaceX project and other cool inventions. They will have the opportunity to discover consumer needs, rethink the design of products, develop rapid prototypes, research competitors, cover basic financials and create marketing & branding solutions. They will also learn a lot about team building, collaboration, conflict resolution, decision making, business ethics and public speaking.

more information: http://www.startfeld.ch/ecamp/

Datum:   20. April 2018
Zeit:   18:30 Uhr

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